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How to Safely Explore BDSM Fetishes

How to Safely Explore BDSM Fetishes

BDSM, short for Bondage, Discipline, Dominance, Submission, Sadism, and Masochism, is a consensual and often misunderstood form of sexual exploration that can be incredibly fulfilling for many people.

This comprehensive guide will shed light on how to safely navigate the intriguing world of BDSM fetishes. In a world where consent and safety are paramount, it’s essential to understand the intricacies of BDSM before diving into the depths of your desires.


How to Communicate Your Fetish with Your Partner

A woman wearing lingerie lying on her stomach on a bed while handcuffed with her hands behind her back, sexual fetish

Opening up to your partner about your fetish is not easy. For many individuals, talking about their fetishes can be an anxiety-inducing experience. If you find yourself yearning to share your fetish desires with your partner, we’re here to guide you through the process.

We can get fetishes from anywhere, leather, feet, some people even have a fetish with sneezing, it’s normal. I have a fetish for Asians (because I saw some pornos asiatiques videos when I was vacationing in France, crazy). It is absolutely normal and there is no need to feel ashamed of it, own it.

Whatever the case, open and honest communication is essential for a healthy and fulfilling relationship. In this blog post, we will explore what a fetish is, how to recognize if you have one, and provide valuable tips on how to approach the conversation with your partner.

Let’s dive in and learn how to navigate this sensitive subject with confidence and understanding.


5 tips for better sex with your long-time partner

5 tips for better sex with your long-time partner

Are you feeling underwhelmed in the bedroom? Maybe you’re not able to have an orgasm, or maybe your sex drives don’t sync up. You’re not alone – bedroom issues come up for tons of couples.

The good news is that there are plenty of tips and tricks for improving your sex life with your partner.

And when you both get more pleasure out of sex, it can lead to other benefits like improved communication and heightened intimacy in the relationship.

In this article, I’ll provide actionable steps you can start taking today to get closer and improve your sex life with your partner.


What do women feel when they have sex?

A woman in bed experiencing sexual pleasure

How does it feel for a woman to be penetrated?

It depends on the girth of the penis, the length of the penis, the depth of insertion, the angle of insertion, the amount of preparation work that has been done (foreplay) and the speed of (re)insertion. I find that the entrance to the vagina has the most nerve endings, which is consistent with my personal experience as it is the most pleasurable area I can concentrate on.

So the middle part isn’t felt much unless the penis is at an angle where it essentially hits a side wall (not pleasant) or the girth of the penis is large enough to be felt all over (very pleasant), if you will. Personally,the sensation tends to increase again as it approaches the cervix and generally in a way that is on the borderline between pleasure and pain.


Addictions caused by confinement

During the confinement, many French adults kill time in front of the computer behaving almost like teenagers, hooked to risky online practices such as sexting (sending photos and videos porno to a partner), watching porn on the Internet or contacting strangers on the networks.

According to a study published by the University of Lyon, the rate of addiction to technology, sexting and pornography has increased by a significant 14%, with those most affected being people between 18 and 30 years. One of the main researchers has revealed that there is a worrying number of people hooked on technology and pornography, generating a global problem that does not distinguish between ages, sexes or borders.


The power of foreplay!

Two women kissing in bed

If you are single then it’s probably safe to say that you’re not having much sex right now, or at least as frequent as you would want. You may be tempted to just stop thinking about sex altogether or avoid as much as possible new porn websites that keep being constructed every day.

In a recent talk with the founder of a famous Italian porn website (, he confessed to us that recently, the most common type of user seeing their free sex Italian videos, were Italians in their mid-40s that recently experienced a love loss. And he said it was also common on women!


The sex industry continues to move millions

sex industry workers

Global changes in immigration, migration, health, public policy, and employment are having an enormous impact on the sex industry today. In particular, as journalists of the newly focused topic on sex working have presented papers to document some of the changes, journalists have begun to ask questions of the impact of sex slavery on societies and civilizations around the world.

Sex workers, forced to work against their will and risking injury, sometimes death, have been the subject of global discussions for some time now. As these international discussions come to light and journalists begin to examine how the sex industry continues to develop, governments and organizations involved in the sex industry need to consider how they can support workers and give them the information and resources they need to survive and thrive in dangerous conditions.


How to be the best man in bed?

best man in bed

To answer this premise is important to have clear and know for sure, which with the most common complaints according to women, for this we have asked the opinion of more than 200 women and then we present the results. Although it seems unlikely, women’s complaints point to a rather different conception of what sex involves, women have a more erotic view of relationships, which implies a bit of courtship, seduction and a lot of communication.


How to successfully design an adult website?

porn websites stats

First of all, it is convenient to start by mentioning that according to the testimonies of those who have dedicated themselves to working and promoting their porn websites in most of the cases, they affirm that this is a class of projects that, insofar as they are well configured, do not require much maintenance. If you manage to consolidate a porn website as a successful project, it is quite probable that you can enjoy for a reasonable time a passive income in which you do not necessarily need much maintenance or attention.

Some very interesting statistics nowadays related to the usage of internet in the United States are resumed by Statista, in the following diagram:

They point out in the study the following, which is very indicative of what porn represents in the web nowadays:

only 4 percent of websites are estimated to be porn, but web and mobile searches clock in higher at 13 and 20 percent respectively.

In a simple web search, if just by curiosity or only because you feel like watching free porn videos, you will find that there are definitely an enormous amount of adult websites being created every week or day even. Of those, of course only a percentage does keep their momentum and are capable of being profitable for their creators. One of these sites I find very interesting and that I think are well created and mantained, as well as serve a specific market, in this case South Africa is mzansi porn. After analysing the site in detail, it is quite obvious their need on trying to automate as much as possible the website, but not forgetting about the user experience when a new porn user finds their website.


How much can you earn in the sex industry?

The adult industry is one of the biggest earners of the year. Precisely, the other Hollywood, as the xxx videos sector is known, produces more than eight billion euros a year. Lately, new free porn websites emerging in Deutschland are also earning big chunks of money.

The HD kostenlose sexfilme industry is one of the most profitable, even though it is not recognized socially for its respect for morals and good manners. Indeed, technological advances and access to the Internet from different parts of the world have made gratis porno one of the most widely consumed products in the world.