Addictions caused by confinement

During the confinement, many French adults kill time in front of the computer behaving almost like teenagers, hooked to risky online practices such as sexting (sending photos and videos porno to a partner), watching porn on the Internet or contacting strangers on the networks.

According to a study published by the University of Lyon, the rate of addiction to technology, sexting and pornography has increased by a significant 14%, with those most affected being people between 18 and 30 years. One of the main researchers has revealed that there is a worrying number of people hooked on technology and pornography, generating a global problem that does not distinguish between ages, sexes or borders.

What is the main problem?

Undoubtedly what most affected the population was the need to socialize, which led them to porn videos and sexting, leaving many at the mercy of a real addiction. As with drugs or gambling, there is a starting point of no return that is not always easily detected by the individual and must be treated as a real problem.

Another of the problems generated in greater numbers was the addiction to video games, the reason is believed to be given by the decline of sporting events and online betting … with no sports to bet on, a large part of these individuals got an escape through video games, another of the main problems that were previously attributed only to young people and adolescents.

Undoubtedly the covid and the pandemic in general has affected us all in ways we never imagined, the important thing now is to know if we have some kind of addiction and what it is in order to be treated in time and avoid major problems such as difficulty socializing, loneliness and depression.