How to be the best man in bed?

best man in bed

To answer this premise is important to have clear and know for sure, which with the most common complaints according to women, for this we have asked the opinion of more than 200 women and then we present the results. Although it seems unlikely, women’s complaints point to a rather different conception of what sex involves, women have a more erotic view of relationships, which implies a bit of courtship, seduction and a lot of communication.

Make her feel desired

According to studies made by Dr. Debby Herbenick (one of the most important sexologists in the United States), women who feel better with their genitals tend to enjoy sex more and reach more and better orgasms which consequently implies that feeling desired, beautiful and attractive beyond a sexual object is essential for them.

Don’t hurry!

Sex is like a good story, it must have a plot, a plot and an ending. Remember that sex in them is something more psychological than physical, it provokes their mind at the same time as their body! Don’t spend 3 minutes in starting the action, 3 minutes more in developing it and 5 minutes in finishing it because if you did you would be telling a joke.

Don’t be basic…

We all know that the nipples, the clitoris and the vagina itself, are strong points of female sexuality but don’t just jump on them, wait! Work on your thighs, your breast contours, your neck and your back to name a few, these are parts of your body that will eventually leave her happy and full of pleasure.

Keep an eye on the Kamasutra

Don’t run out of ideas, stop repeating the same thing… like everything, the same thing in excess tires you out, so if you have run out of ideas turn to your best ally, the kamasutra. There you will get thousands of positions to get out of the monotomy although remember, not all are suitable for all bodies! Some of them you may not want to repeat, but you will sleep with a new learning.