How much can you earn in the sex industry?

The adult industry is one of the biggest earners of the year. Precisely, the other Hollywood, as the xxx videos sector is known, produces more than eight billion euros a year. Lately, new free porn websites emerging in Deutschland are also earning big chunks of money.

The HD kostenlose sexfilme industry is one of the most profitable, even though it is not recognized socially for its respect for morals and good manners. Indeed, technological advances and access to the Internet from different parts of the world have made gratis porno one of the most widely consumed products in the world.

Pornography in the United States

In the United States the industry is known as the other Hollywood because most of the studios are near Los Angeles and employ over 12,000 people. It is also worth noting that porn companies produce approximately 13,000 titles, a percentage 30 times higher than that produced by the Hollywood industry. In Spain, similarly to what happens in Germany, around 1,200 films are produced each year and it raises one million euros.

It is also worth mentioning that the industry also produces other products that are related to pornography, such as erotic toys, which also have a sustained influence on the economy.

In this way, over time the sex industry has been consolidated as one of the most exponential and promising industries of the future. In addition, it is estimated that pornographic videos alone generate more money than professional football or basketball franchises.

Adult Video News (ANV) magazine, one of the most important in the industry, says that some 800 million are bought or rented each year, making it one of the most profitable businesses in the world.

However, it is important to mention that companies have no interest in showing themselves in society or in mentioning what their income is, because very few companies do, such as Playboy, but most of them are far from the lights of society.

How much do pornographic companies generate?

Their incomes are so great that they could easily be listed on the Wall Street stock exchange like top hotel chains or cable TV distributors. It is precisely thanks to access to the Internet that not only is the industry consolidating, but also the revenues it generates are growing rapidly.

Online pornography generally doubles the revenue than music downloads. All those who started in the business a few years ago have now grown their incomes sustainably and expect to double in the future.

In recent times, we have seen greater acceptance and normalisation of everything related to sex, and that includes exchanges of services and money. At the end of the day, in the 21st century, we cannot continue with the usual prejudices associated with a Christian morality that is no longer valid or meaningful.