What do women feel when they have sex?

A woman in bed experiencing sexual pleasure

How does it feel for a woman to be penetrated?

It depends on the girth of the penis, the length of the penis, the depth of insertion, the angle of insertion, the amount of preparation work that has been done (foreplay) and the speed of (re)insertion. I find that the entrance to the vagina has the most nerve endings, which is consistent with my personal experience as it is the most pleasurable area I can concentrate on.

So the middle part isn’t felt much unless the penis is at an angle where it essentially hits a side wall (not pleasant) or the girth of the penis is large enough to be felt all over (very pleasant), if you will. Personally,the sensation tends to increase again as it approaches the cervix and generally in a way that is on the borderline between pleasure and pain.

Can it be painful to make love?

Things that have caused me pain or discomfort: quick initial penetration, not having enough foreplay, and not being properly lubricated either naturally or with lube.

It depends a lot on the man I’m with and the circumstances and can range from painful to awesome. At worst, a penis in your vagina feels like you’re there for someone else’s pleasure – it’s a very empty and lonely feeling. At best, you just want to keep having sex because you doubt that anything will ever be that fantastic again.

It’s a very empty and lonely feeling.

However, the main point I have to make about penetrative vaginal sex is this: trust between partners is an essential component of avoiding physical and emotional pain.

How to describe sex

The best way I can think of to describe sex to someone without a vagina is: Have you ever been really, really hungry?

Have you ever been really, really hungry?

Imagine that feeling of hunger. Someone puts your favorite food in front of you. Your mouth is watering, you’re so excited at the prospect of finally having something to eat.

Taking a bite of that food is like a religious experience. Feeling it in your mouth, knowing that very soon you will feel the relief of no longer being hungry.

It’s satisfying. But on a more literal note, penetration feels exactly as it sounds like it would, I suppose. Stretching and wet friction and fullness. For me, there’s a throbbing, almost painful sensation between the legs that can only be enhanced by being touched and/or fucked. That’s probably not very eloquent, but I hope it helps.

I’m not sure if it’s a good thing, but I hope it helps.