How to successfully design an adult website?

porn websites stats

First of all, it is convenient to start by mentioning that according to the testimonies of those who have dedicated themselves to working and promoting their porn websites in most of the cases, they affirm that this is a class of projects that, insofar as they are well configured, do not require much maintenance. If you manage to consolidate a porn website as a successful project, it is quite probable that you can enjoy for a reasonable time a passive income in which you do not necessarily need much maintenance or attention.

Some very interesting statistics nowadays related to the usage of internet in the United States are resumed by Statista, in the following diagram:

They point out in the study the following, which is very indicative of what porn represents in the web nowadays:

only 4 percent of websites are estimated to be porn, but web and mobile searches clock in higher at 13 and 20 percent respectively.

In a simple web search, if just by curiosity or only because you feel like watching free porn videos, you will find that there are definitely an enormous amount of adult websites being created every week or day even. Of those, of course only a percentage does keep their momentum and are capable of being profitable for their creators. One of these sites I find very interesting and that I think are well created and mantained, as well as serve a specific market, in this case South Africa is mzansi porn. After analysing the site in detail, it is quite obvious their need on trying to automate as much as possible the website, but not forgetting about the user experience when a new porn user finds their website.

Tips for designing a successful porn site

Below are a few steps to follow that can be applied to some extent in other kinds of projects that are not fully linked to porn content.

  • Cheap Domain – Currently with a quick search you can find all kinds of discount coupons that will ensure you save a few dollars on this procedure.
  • Private WhoIs – Due to the content characteristics and the type of steps to follow to publish content, the ideal thing is to acquire this service with the domain, so that in this way there is a little protection.
  • Hosting – It is essential that it be of good quality so that visitors can always enjoy the content at the highest speed and without any delays.
  • Platform – Lately most users have opted for WordPress because it is a platform that is very easy to configure and offers many possibilities as long as they were configured.
  • Advertising companies – There are many alternatives that can be found in this type of projects, the regrettable thing about it is that there are a lot of fake companies or scams, so you must analyze the situation to make a decision. In any case, roughly speaking, it is proposed to use PlugRush.
  • Design – The site should be designed to encourage users to look at videos and images, but with an emphasis on videos, as they are the most consumed content.
  • Content – For people who want to save money and also offer a good experience and user experience, it is very common for large websites in the pornography industry to share or copy a code to insert content on other sites. Take advantage of this alternative.
  • Social networks – By the type of content is proposed to make special emphasis on Twitter so that everyone can share without any fear of being. You can create a fake profile and thus attract many users.