5 tips for better sex with your long-time partner

5 tips for better sex with your long-time partner

Are you feeling underwhelmed in the bedroom? Maybe you’re not able to have an orgasm, or maybe your sex drives don’t sync up. You’re not alone – bedroom issues come up for tons of couples.

The good news is that there are plenty of tips and tricks for improving your sex life with your partner.

And when you both get more pleasure out of sex, it can lead to other benefits like improved communication and heightened intimacy in the relationship.

In this article, I’ll provide actionable steps you can start taking today to get closer and improve your sex life with your partner.

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5 simple tips to have better sex and intimacy with a long-time partner

If you’ve been in a relationship for a while, you know that it’s easy to get into a rut when it comes to sex. What used to be exciting can start to feel tired and boring.

It turns out that keeping the spark alive between the sheets is fantastically important for ensuring intimacy, trust, and communication in your partnership – all of which are essential ingredients in a healthy relationship.

That’s why I have 5 simple tips that can help revive the passion with your long-time partner! By utilizing these ideas, you can look forward to better sex and stronger intimacy with your significant other.

Show passion and enthusiasm (Both of you!)

This advice is my top priority for sexual pleasure, especially for those men who aim to excel in bedroom activities. I emphasize this concept across the whole website.

Good sex in a relationship is closely linked to enthusiasm and passion; these are the key ingredients for an enjoyable experience.

Having good communication skills is much more important than knowing any sexual techniques, and even lack of experience can be made up for with good communication.

Consider it like this; suppose you and your partner are being intimate.

He’s lying down, and you are riding him in the cowgirl position, except he’s got Starfish Syndrome. This is what I mean by Starfish Syndrome:

  • He’s barely moving.
  • He’s staring blankly at the ceiling.
  • He’s not making any sounds.
  • He doesn’t care if you orgasm or not.

It’s unappealing when he just lies there like a starfish stuck to a rock, and the sex isn’t pleasurable.

What if he was tugging your hair, gazing into your eyes, and describing the naughty things he wants to do to you as he moves in further and deeper?

Isn’t that enthusiasm and passion really amazing?

It is the same for him as well.

If you engage in the missionary position without being physically involved, it will not be an enjoyable experience for your partner.

The solution? Get more passionate and be more active during sex. Here are some ideas you can use to become more enthusiastic and passionate:

Utilize your hands – You can take advantage of your hands no matter which posture you assume.

Practice a non-penetrative type of intimacy

Work on your non-sexual touch: Regularly expressing physical affection such as hair stroking, back rubs, or holding hands can help strengthen your bond with your partner.

Kiss every day for more than just a couple of seconds: It wards off the perilous roommate effect, especially if you live together and lately have been spending more time doing chores together than checking each other out.

Make hand jobs the main event: Beyond penetrative sex, focusing on different variations can add depth and heat to your intimate encounters.

When it comes to hand jobs, some light pressure is generally recommended. Move your hands in a way that mimics creating a makeshift vagina for the penis, allowing for some tightness, but not discomfort.

Tease your nipples through your shirt to experience a nipplegasm. To avoid chafing, use light touches and be patient for the best results.

Understand her favorite pleasure points

According to research published in the Journal of Sex and Marital Therapy, which explored the sexual experiences of 1,055 heterosexual women between 18-94 years old, only 18% could achieve orgasm through intercourse only.

Approximately 35 percent reported that clitoral stimulation was needed to experience orgasm during intercourse.

36 percent reported that their orgasms are improved if stimulation occurs during intercourse, though it is not necessary.

In other words, our bodies are capable of amazing orgasms. Many females tend to favor clitoral stimulation as a way to achieve orgasm.

Some women prefer stimulating the G-spot internally. Others enjoy cervical stimulation through deep penetration. Some even find pleasure in anal penetration.

The key is to communicate with your partner about what they like and then do that to make them climax.

Remember sex is an acquired skill

For women who want to take their partner’s pleasure to the next level, knowing what turns them on and being active participants are important for creating a satisfying sexual experience.

Wear a suggestive outfit to tantalize your partner about what’s to come.

At first, you might not understand your partner, but getting to know them better through further connection can reveal what makes them tick.

Experiment with different approaches to determine what your partner loves most. Once you’ve found the key, use it to create an unforgettable intimate experience.

To strengthen the bond with your partner, remember what brought him to you in the first place.

Winking or making eye contact can create a connection if someone compliments your eyes. If it’s your legs that catch their attention, a shorter skirt could be a perfect choice.

Talk about sex with your partner

As relationships mature, it can be easy to get stuck in a routine in the bedroom without truly expressing what you need and desire.

According to sex therapist Williams Lucena, it’s crucial to reestablish honest communication between partners. Ask, “What do I need in bed from you?”, for a better understanding of each other’s needs.

Try new things with your partner

Introducing diversity into your sex life can make it more interesting. Women should be willing to experiment to get the most out of their sex life.

Trying the same things over and over makes it difficult to find something both of you enjoy. Men often complain about:

  • Always having sex in the same position
  • Always having sex in the same place
  • Always following a certain routine (e.g. fondling, oral, intercourse)

Men may be reluctant to try something new due to the fear of how a woman might react.

You can make things more interesting and thrilling if you show initiative and attempt something new.

A simple purchase like a new sex toy for you or your partner can create exciting sexual opportunities.

Making your intimate life exciting can be done by introducing sexual games, role-playing, experimenting with new positions or adding a bit of dirty talk.

Final thoughts

In conclusion, sex with your long-time partner doesn’t have to be boring and predictable. With a little effort and imagination, it can actually be more fulfilling than ever before.

Simple things like setting the mood, trying out new positions or toys, and finding ways to keep communicating openly can make all the difference.

So if you’re feeling like your sex life is becoming too mundane, don’t worry! Try applying some of these tips and see how it goes – you might just find that there can always be something new to explore with someone you know so well.