The power of foreplay!

Two women kissing in bed

If you are single then it’s probably safe to say that you’re not having much sex right now, or at least as frequent as you would want. You may be tempted to just stop thinking about sex altogether or avoid as much as possible new porn websites that keep being constructed every day.

In a recent talk with the founder of a famous Italian porn website (, he confessed to us that recently, the most common type of user seeing their free sex Italian videos, were Italians in their mid-40s that recently experienced a love loss. And he said it was also common on women!

So, if you are single, but have some sexual encounters from time to time, instead of only checking an Italian adult website every day, you can get more by integrating foreplay into those regular sex encounters. Even, if you are not single, foreplay will spice up for sure your relationship with your partner! It’s definitely one of the things you can do to improve your sex life today.

Foreplay is your friend

Foreplay is not optional. It’s not just something you can do for a few minutes before jumping into P-in-Vs or P-in-Bs. Foreplay is also something you need to take your time with for both you and your significant other to be in the best mood possible. Many women with naturally sensitive vaginas are unable to achieve orgasm during intercourse alone. The foreplay will help you to give yourself the stimulation and excitement that will lead you to reach your climax during sex with your partner.

Foreplay also makes a lot of other aspects of sex much more enjoyable. If you aren’t already doing so, try making love to your partner in bed before sex begins. This is a great way to get a little bit of foreplay done. You can turn on some soft music or use your favorite aromatherapy to set the mood before going to sleep. This can help to loosen you up a bit, especially if you’ve been tense or anxious all night. Doing this will also allow you to have sex more often since foreplay will get you ready for sex.

There are many foreplay techniques that are effective. Some are more effective than others depending on how long you spend on each technique. You should choose one technique to start out with and work your way up to the next. As you progress, you’ll find that different techniques will be more effective. then they were at first, but if you want to maximize the results, then it’s important to practice them often.

Stay relaxed

If you want to know how to have better sex in bed, there are some tips you can implement to keep your partner turned on and to have great sex. One tip is to always make sure to take your time in bed and stay relaxed. When your partner is about to climax, the last thing you want is to distract them. So if you’re about to climax, move down a notch or two and stay still for a few seconds. This helps to make the whole experience feel longer and more exciting. You don’t want to scare your partner off before they get the chance to achieve climax either.

Foreplay also includes what to talk about in bed and what not to talk about. This includes what to talk about such as foreplay toys or where to put them during sex. This includes things like foreplay techniques, body parts that are attractive, and things like which position to use during sex. That will increase your sexual pleasure and give you greater control.

Take care of yourself

The last tip on how to have better sex in bed is to make sure you are taking care of yourself both mentally and physically. It may seem simple, but when your body isn’t in top condition it makes it much harder for you to perform at its best. Make sure to keep a check on your body by going to the gym or even taking a shower to rid your body of the toxins that have built up in your system. Also, make sure you exercise on a regular basis so that your body has good circulation, which can help to maintain healthy sexual energy.