The most common sexual fetishes for men

In the matter of sex there is an extensive list of things to do and one of the best known and practiced are the sexual fetishes, which is nothing more than an excitement or a way to reach orgasm through an object, this can be a garment to dress a specific part of the body or any object that is not made for sexual stimulation.

This kind of sexual practice is harmless and allows you to explore that desire in you for the things or objects you like. There are some fetish practices that are very normal and well known, but there are others that are really strange, here are the most common among men.

Each one lives sex his way

Sexual fetishes are basically those things that many people are inclined to when seeking or finding pleasure. Most of these practices are generally considered healthy. However, despite being a success in bed, not all of them are socially accepted.

What excites you the most? What turns you on the most? What makes you horny? You may refer to some physical appeal of your partner, which is very common, because most of us like the same thing. But there are weirder and more unusual fetishes that are out of the ordinary and really surprise. Let’s be clear that it is not that it is bad, or that we should discriminate against someone because of their likes, the aim here is simply to describe things that are rare. Curiosity is killing you? We’ve got a list here, who knows! Maybe you’ll be beaten by one of the following oddities.

Some rare but common male fetishes:

  • Crurophilia: This is a sexual obsession related to the female legs.
  • Acomoclitism: It is the excessive taste for contemplating the genitals that have been totally depilated.
  • Barosmia: This fetish can be seductive or nauseating, depending on what wakes you up, since barosmia is sexual arousal caused by some stimulating odor.
  • Altocalciphilia: It is a fairly common practice, related to the sexual taste for shoes.
  • Tricophilia: This is a tendency for some individuals to achieve intense sexual arousal when they caress someone else’s hair.