Can music be sexually arousing?

First of all, based on what scientific research tells us today, a study by the University of Sussex in England has found and proved that so-called complex music is better able to excite women sexually. According to this research, complex music should be understood by all those pieces in which there is a greater variety of chords and syncopated rhythms, which when heard by women, can cause them to become sexually aroused with greater ease.

Excitement of an adult woman through music

However, beyond the foregoing, it should be noted that from a slightly more social and conventional point of view, the process of arousing and therefore conquering an adult woman is not so simple in practice, since there are certain types of considerations that must be made. In the first instance, women over 30 years of age can become a real challenge for men, because at this stage of their lives it is no longer so important who wears the best look or is more like a character of the show, even have a vehicle or a good speech.

It is in this moment of life where an adult woman is gradually changing the interests or what she looks for in a man and therefore it is the small details that begin to make more and more relevant to reach this point of excitement that is so much desired at the time of conquering a woman. Perhaps the next piece of advice may not be so in line with what scientific research says, but the most relevant thing in these cases is that the type of music preferred by that particular adult woman can be identified in a very short time. Although it may not seem like it, musical preferences say a lot about a person.

Getting to know women fully

Try to understand each of the proposals of that woman’s favorite artists and if it is the case as much as possible for each of them. The moment there is a shared interest between the two sides, everything can be made a little easier and thus be able to achieve the degree of excitement that is so desired for that particular woman.

In conclusion, music can be an important or key factor, so as a complement to this, it would be worthwhile for the space to also be set and have a glass of wine for example to make everything more romantic and attractive during the evening.