How to have fun in a Mediterranean cruiser

Can you imagine a boat of love without rules where almost everything related to sex is allowed? Do you dream of sailing on a luxurious Mediterranean cruise dedicated exclusively to the exchange of couples? As a ship of this style has docked this Sunday in the port of Barcelona after more than a week sailing the waters of the Mediterranean.

It is the Azamara Quest, a 181-metre long boat with 11 floors, aimed at swingers, i. e. couples who enjoy practicing swapping partners. The cruise departed from Rome on 5 August with more than 340 couples aboard and, after stopping in Livorno, Monaco, St Tropez and Ibiza, has landed this Sunday in the city of Barcelona, where passengers have the option of staying one more day doing tourism, as described in their itinerary.

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However, enjoying the services and festivities offered by this ocean liner is expensive. The cheapest cabin is worth about 2,340 euros per person, while the most luxurious suite exceeds 10,600 euros, ie the cost per couple ranges between 4,680 euros and 21,200 euros. The price varies according to the luxury you are looking for, the orientation of the cabins, their size and the services you decide to hire.

After four years cruising other waters, both the clientele and the organization itself have decided to return to the Mediterranean Sea, where it began this type of adventure in 2012. Thus, the name given to this maritime holiday is “Rumba MediterrĂ¡nea” in honour of that first voyage.

Have the time of your life!

In addition to developing all kinds of sexual practices, the organizers have designed cultural excursions in each and every one of the cities where they make stopovers. Passengers, most of them of American nationality, were able to dance to the rhythm of the music played at the erotic parties that the organizing company Luxury Lifestyle prepared daily. For example, on the 5th and 6th, when the cruise was on the coasts of Rome and Livorno, two themed festivities were held in honour of the Transalpine country, named “Little Italy” and “Roman Empire”.

In Monaco, where the boat has been there for a day and a half, the festivities have been charged with lust, gambling and the spiritual atmosphere of Formula 1. Casino Royal “and” Grand Prix, a race without end “have coped with those night and daytime hours, while the night on French soil has enjoyed an 80’s atmosphere and the one that has been spent at sea has been called” Pirates at sea “. ABC “and” Damas de rojo “have been the theme nights in Spain.