How to enjoy an erotic massage in your hotel

Enjoying a good massage is one of the great sensations that a human being can afford. Take advantage of a holiday or a stay in another city to take advantage of the benefits of massages in your hotel room. There are different types of therapies based on the client’s needs. Among the wide range of treatments offered in massage centers, Thai massages have been very successful in recent times.

For people who are interested in the origin of erotic massages, it is very important to mention from the beginning that the explanation that can be found in this regard is fascinating, not to mention that they are a very beneficial type of activity for the body.

The pleasure of erotic massages

It should be noted that this therapy causes body manipulation to improve the state of the body and mind. In this regard, it is well worthwhile to delve into its characteristics and the way in which it has emerged in order to consolidate itself.

Thai massage is broadly a type of combination of various techniques that go back to ancient times, such as acupressure, the principles of Ayurveda and even assisted yoga postures.

Now, what is not always thought of is how old it can be, where it is most relevant is that Shivago Komarpaj was the person who at the time made the decision to integrate different massages and turn them into a technique as such, who was recognized as the Buddha’s doctor over 2500 years ago.

Thai massage: the best choice

As a relevant fact about the above, he is a person from the north of India who became very expert in this kind of matters because of his work with Buddhist monks. Thus, the origins of Thai massage are a consequence of the combination of several healing techniques from India, China, Southeast Asia and Thailand, a process that took place during the 19th century.

From the above, it is understood that the influences are multiple to determine what today is known as Thai massage, and are in turn the same as those that are part of traditional Thai medicine. Although many documents record the oldest techniques of Thai massage, the reality is that a good part of it was lost during the 18th century, while others managed to survive and were registered in the Moh Nuat Room, a massage pavilion located inside the Pra Chetuphon temple in Bangkok.

At first, Thai massage became very popular within the Thai territory itself, but because Thai became a popular holiday destination after World War II, many tourists became involved and made it popular in the world. In short, this is the explanation for how the Thai massage technique became so famous.